Add Facebook Marketplace – How Can I Add Facebook Marketplace

Add Facebook Marketplace – How Can I Add Facebook Marketplace: Looking for a guide on how to add Facebook marketplace? 

If yes or something related to that, read this post to the end. 
Add Facebook Marketplace – How Can I Add Facebook Marketplace
What Is a Facebook Marketplace? The above is sometimes seen as a lot of things by different facebook users. But I will be telling you it really is here today. 

A facebook marketplace is a place in facebook where you can easily find thousands of unique stuffs and items for sale. In this place you cannot only buy things you can also list things for sale. 

All you have to do to do this is to access the facebook marketplace. But do you know how to access this platform? 
How to Add the Facebook Marketplace to Your Facebook Account 
Have you been looking for a way to add the facebook marketplace feature to your facebook account? Well there is something unique about this feature that most people do not know about. 

They might have noticed this thing unknowingly, but they just cannot place a handle on it. 

But what is this thing? 
The feature, as unique and as great as it is, is not available to all Facebook users. It is not just to Facebook users, but rather to all countries excluding china of course who do not allow the use of facebook. 

The icon, by default, should be on your facebook page. The facebook marketplace icon is available on both android and iOS devices. 

It is also available on desktop pcs. But if you do not find the facebook marketplace icon on your facebook page, you should know that the feature is not in your region or country. 

If the feature is not in your region or your country, it cannot be added. 

How to Access 
To access this feature of facebook is very easy. Once this feature is available to your region or country then all you have to do to access is to look for the icon on your facebook page and click on it. It does not have an app. 

The marketplace icon can be located on the top right corner of your facebook page in android devices. 

While on iOS devices it can be seen on the bottom left corner of iOS devices. 

On desktop PCs it can be found on the left column of facebook pages.

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