Facebook Shop Page | How To Create A Facebook Shop – Set Up Facebook Marketplace Fast

As earlier promised, here is a post on Facebook Shop Page | How To Create A Facebook Shop – Set Up Facebook Marketplace fast.

My question is; are you a businessman and don't know that Facebook has gone beyond being a site where one just logs in to chat with family and friends?

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This post will expose you to what you can do with Facebook to makes lots of traffic and sales to your online business.

Here, you'll see how to create a facebook shop and the steps involved in how to set facebook marketplace for your ecommerce business.

Interestingly, Facebook offers a means of making money via a Facebook Page, or should I say, a Facebook Shop Page. 

The Facebook Shop Page allows you to show listings of items you sell and also offers a platform for your customers to spend time on. 
How to Create a Facebook Shop 
The steps below will guide you on creating your very own Facebook shop. 

1) Scroll to your Facebook Business page. 
To be able to do this, you must be logged into the business page and have admin privileges on the page. 

Also, you can go through your Timeline and tap on the “Add a Shop Section” button. 

This will bring up a pop-up, tap on “Add a Shop Section” again. Accept the merchant terms and policies and tap on “Continue“. 

This will bring up another pop-up, requesting for business details. Begin with supplying your business email address. It is recommended that you check the box that uses the email for customer service inquiries. 

This way, people send any questions they may have to that address. Towards the bottom of the pop-up, enter your business address, including the street name, city, state, and zip code. 
2. Configure your payments. 
Two options are applicable for accepting payments through your Facebook Store. 

These options are; 
> Process the payments through the Facebook page 
> Redirect customers to another website, like your online store. 

It is recommended that your customers check them out on Facebook. Once you have ascertained that you’d like to have a checkout on Facebook, go ahead and fill in your business information.

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People outside the U.S. can arrange an alternative payment method with their customers, such as cash upon delivery or bank transfer while those in the U.S. can set up an account through Stripe or PayPal.  
Next, tap on the link that requires you to connect to an existing stripe account, if you do not currently have a stripe account, stripe will send you an email to set up an account. 

That’s after the configuration of your entire store.
How to Set Up Facebook Shop Section 
Facebook guides you on the steps required to connect the two platforms together.

1) After your stripe account is completely connected, you should be redirected back to the primary Facebook business page.

2) Tap on the “Finish Setup” button to complete the process of filling in the rest of your business information.

Once you are done with the final steps, the Facebook page becomes live to enable you to start selling, even though you’ve not added a product yet.

With this, your shop page is configured and your payment platform is ready to start accepting purchases.

3) The next step requires you to add a product to your Facebook shop, to do this, click on the “Shop” tab on your Facebook business page.

4) This will reveal a box that requires you to add a product. Select the “Add product” link to move forward.

5) Tap on the “Add Photos” button to add product images that reveal what your product looks like. Once this is done, you are required to select the “Use Photos” button to make them live.

From here on, a Product Details area shows up after the photos have been included. All this depends on the type of products you’re offering, thus you are free to be creative and talk about what makes the product special.

The product description can be copied and used in your e-commerce shop. If your item has a variety of colors or size options, tap on the “Edit Variants” link to configure the variants offered through the product.

You can also include shipping methods, pricing and other content like product categories. After uploading several numbers of products, you’ll see each of them arranged in a list for you to select and modify.

From the list view, you can see an image of the product, pricing and if the product is visible to the public or not.

The inventory of your items can also be managed and removed from the store whenever you run out of stock.

After you’ve successfully gone through all these steps, you’re set to begin your operation.

You can now start selling and making money right out of your Facebook page.

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